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Give your listeners a memorable experience and your clients a high profile traffic builder with the 
Beatles Cartoon Art Show. 

Programming & Promotions – The Beatles are celebrating their 50th anniversary of their American invasion in 2014.  The Beatles appeal to both young people who have discovered the band through their parents,  radio, Rock Band, movies and the web  - and Baby Boomers  for whom the Beatles were the soundtrack of their youth.

The Beatles Art Show features a live appearance by world renowned animator Ron Campbell, whose 50 year career included directing the Saturday Morning Beatles TV series on ABC TV (1965 – 1969) and animating the Beatles feature length classic film, Yellow Submarine.  In addition to his Beatles credentials, Campbell has been involved with dozens of beloved childrens cartoons including Scooby Doo, Rugrats, Smurfs, Flintstones, Winnie the Pooh, George of the Jungle, Jetsons, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Krazy Kat and much more.

The Beatles Cartoon Art Show is a truely interactive listener experience.  It features original works created specifically for the show by Campbell.  Ron paints live at the show creating new works of Beatles cartoon art right before your eyes.  Listeners have the opportunity to do more than browse the artwork – they can sit and watch Ron create his paintings and talk with him about his incredible career.

All of Ron’s Beatles paintings are for sale and as a bonus during the show, anyone who purchases one of Ron’s works will receive a personalized letter of authenticity.  The letter includes your listeners name as well as a customized Beatles painting that Ron creates in front of them. The joy in peoples’ eyes is amazing!  Ron will then pose for a photo with the buyer holding their work of art and their newly painted certificate.   It’s the most authentic certificate of authenticity one will ever receive!  This is more that a passive art show….it’s a true memorable experience for your listener and for many, it is the closest they will ever get to someone associated with the legacy of the Beatles.

Sales – The Beatles Cartoon Art Show creates traffic and buzz for a client’s location.  The show can be set up in any mutually agreeable location including inside of a clients retail location.  The show traditionally receives a great deal of press attention so it’s an added bonus for the location.  If desired, the client can also purchase a piece of Ron Campbell’s original art and use it for a giveaway at their location or online.  In addition, the radio station controls all sales opportunities at the providing secondary and tertiary sponsorships.  Finally, the radio station may choose to have a private client reception featuring Ron Campbell; giving your account executives a relaxed upscale environment featuring a celebrity from the world of the Beatles and cartoons to spend quality time with clients and potential clients.

There are no hard costs for the radio station.  The radio station’s only responsibility is to secure a mutually agreeable venue to host the show (such as a retail store, restaurant, hotel, or any high traffic destination and two (2) hotel rooms for the duration of the show. 

Contact Scott Segelbaum at 
or call (610) 389-1807
to inquire about booking a show.

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